WWYTC Hall of Fame

A Special THANK YOU to the WWMBA for helping start the WWYTC


Wayne Westland Metro Bowling Association

                                President - Ed Burns                                    Director - Bob Pniewski                                  Director - Danny Altizer

                                Secretary - Doug Uhl                                    Director - Bob Knechtges

                                Director - Norm Kluska                                Director - Jack Cunningham

Hal Winters

   Hal Winters was the driving force behind WWYTC. He went to the Wayne Westland Metro Bowling Association and 

asked for help in starting this league which was originally intended for the better youth bowlers in the area. The league was formed in 1983. Hal was the Executive Director for 25 years! His relentless approach to getting things done was extremely valuable in helping this league maintain its status as one of the best in town. Because of this WWYTC received several  awards from the city, the county and even the state. The league would like to thank Hal for all the time and effort he gave. 

  There is no way this league would be where it is today without his dedication to youth bowling. Thank You Hal!!


Norm Kluska

   Norm became a director in 1984. Shortly after his son and daughter joined the league. He wound up staying with the 

 league for the next 20 years! That alone would be enough to have him here, but he did so much more. Along with being a

 coach and mentor for all those years, Norm was in charge of fundraisers for the league for many of those years. When we 

started in 1983 we were funded by the 5 houses that we bowled in. We started doing car washes and hay rides to try and 

 fund the league. Norm suggested we sell M&M's and spent several years running that program. The kids had to each sell

 two boxes to net the league $25. This was done with great success due to the effort that Norm put into it. Norm has

 always believed that youth bowlers should be given opportunities to earn scholarship money. It was because of this and 

 his love for the kids that he started a tournament in the league for league bowlers only. Its a once a year tournament in

 the league that gives the kids an opportunity to earn money for future schooling. The name was later changed to the 

 Norm Kluska Tournament. As a Youth Director on the WWCUSBC board, Norm continues to work for youth bowlers by

 planning and helping with youth tournaments.

Joyce Zelek

   Joyce became the Secretary of the League in 1988, taking over Hal's wife Maria. Her two sons joined the next season.

 Joyce had never been a secretary before, but was told that it was an easy job. It of course is not! With a lot of effort she

got herself up to speed and in no time also became the tournament director. She was in charge of City, State, Coke and 

 the Norm Kluska tournaments. Joyce used to ride the bus to the tournaments and act as Sgt. Of Arms. Along with all of

 these duties she also helped with the League Banquet, the M&M sales and the Christmas party! Joyce stayed on long

 after her two sons had left and helped. As a matter of fact she put 16 years into the league and loved every minute of it.

 The league is better today because of all the years of service Joyce gave to us.


Harley Trumbull

   Harley became a director in the 1991-92 season. Harley’s son Kevin had joined in the 86-87 season and his daughter Kim

 joined in 91-92 season, the year Kevin was elected as President of the League. Harley has always been involved in junior 

 bowling and was instrumental in bringing in bowlers from the Bellville area. Harley has a knack with the bowlers, going 

lane to lane each week offering advise as needed. He along with Linda Pulchasky (past treasurer) had been taking a few

 bowlers to the state tournament and encouraged the league to get more of the WWYTC kids involved. So we rented a bus 

 and started taking the whole league to the state tournament, where we always have done well. I guess we should mention

 that today Harley is a Senior PBA member and was inducted into the Michigan Hall of Fame on October 25,2009. Harley

 also has been honored in Wayne/Westland, Ann Arbor and Detroit. To date he has won the Detroit Senior Masters twice

 and has been named to the Senior All City Team twice. Harley averaged 229 back in the 1993-94 season and has several

  300's and 800's to his credit. Congratulations to Harley and thank you for volunteering so much of your time to this league


Jeff Elswick

Jeff became the treasurer of the league in the 2002-2003 season. He has been a director ever since that year. Both of Jeff's kids ( Danielle and Jeffery) bowled in the league and were officers at one time. Jeff has continued to help this league in many ways over the years, even though both of his kids have aged out. He is instrumental in setting up our Christmas party, helping to set up fundraisers and our banquet at the end of the season, but probably the biggest contribution he makes is by getting sponsors every year. He spends countless hours meeting with business owners all over town getting contributions that allow the league to do so many different things for its bowlers. His efforts go unoticed by most because everything he does is behind the scenes. Those of us on the board of directors are very aware of what he does and are forever grateful! Congratulations Jeff and thank you for everything you have done to bring this league to where it is today, we hope you continue to do what you do forever!!!

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